A weekly diet plan for Atkins

Effectively using the Atkins diet plan requires setting a weekly diet plan for Atkins. Until the inception of Atkins, most people did not believe in the practice of healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads. But because these foods are all high in carbohydrates you will be given small amounts when using the Atkins diet.

When setting a weekly diet plan for Atkins, you will want to eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruits. You also want to make a habit of choosing whole grains rather than processed sugars and grains. Current statistics show that between 35 to 50% of all cancers can be avoided by simply eating healthy and following a good diet.

Hundreds of studies also show a strong link between high fat diets and an increase in cancer rates. Atkins diet has four phases that must be followed: Induction, ongoing weight loss, Atkins diet lifetime maintenance, and Atkins diet pre maintenance.

In the induction phase the consumption of carbohydrates must be reduced. This process should take a minimum of two weeks. A small amount carbohydrates may be obtained from salads and vegetables.

The ongoing weight loss phase of Atkins begin with the addition of a little more carbohydrates. This comes in the form of foods rich in fiber. Each week the amount of grams are gradually increased until weight loss ends.

On phase three, also known as Atkins diet pre-maintanence, the change is made from the losing weight to maintaining weight. This is done by increasing the amount of carbohydrates taken in each week by ten grams.

Phase four is known as lifetime diet maintenance. This phase allows a large selection of Atkins foods while keeping carbohydrate intake under control. A weekly diet plan for Atkins is essential insuring health and longevity.

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