Possible Atkins Diet Complications

As we've mentioned in other areas of this site, there are Atkins Diet complications to keep in mind if this diet plan is the way you've chosen to approach your weight loss. There is nothing wrong with limiting carbohydrates -- especially those found in desserts. However, those severely limiting carbohydrates should be aware of these Atkins Diet complications.

Although individuals following the Atkins Diet do tend to lose weight successfully and quickly, relying on one type of food for weight loss can have its drawbacks. If you are only eating certain types of food on a regular basis, the potential for boredom is very high. With limited choices for meal plans, you may find yourself bored with your meals. This boredom can easily lead you to stray from your diet. With most diet plans this wouldn't be that big of a deal, however, if you're following the Atkins low-carb diet plan, you may now be realizing the Atkins Diet complications.

Straying on the Atkins Diet is a very bad thing

According to the Atkins diet, if you do stray, you will need to go back to the beginning of your diet — eliminating almost all carbs from your daily meals — to get your body back to the point of burning fat stores before carbohydrates. In other words, you need to start over.

In addition, and an even bigger Atkins Diet complication comes with the fact that you've now been feeding your body with foods high in fat. If you now start adding carbohydrates into your diet, especially in larger quantities, and in the wrong form (sugary desserts, pasta, bread, chips) you are not only giving your body high fat foods, you're also giving it carbs to burn first, thereby leaving the high fat foods to store in your body.

This may be why many who stop the Atkins Diet and start introducing the wrong carbs into their system, end up gaining back the weight they initially wanted to lose, and then some.

The Thing to Remember About the Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is a very successful diet for many people. However, it probably should not be called a “diet.” The Atkins Diet is more of a lifestyle change. It is a new way to eat. Those deciding to try it should be prepared to limit carbohydrates for the rest of their lives. Otherwise, they may find themselves facing an Atkins Diet complication.

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