Atkins Diet Dessert

On a diet but have a sweet tooth? Try Atkins Diet dessert recipes to help you lose weight.

Why Is the Diet So Successfully?

Here's how it works.

The concept behind the Atkins Diet is fairly simple, and makes sense. Your body burns calories for energy. It automatically burns carbohydrates first. Carbohydrates are basically sugars and are found in wheat products as well as desserts. Foods like pasta, potatoes, chips, and breads are broken down into sugars or carbohydrates. These are what your body uses for energy first. Think about how you sometimes feel after eating something very sugary. You get a “sugar high” from the carbohydrates. Your body has used them and given you a boost of energy.

By eating the foods approved on the Atkins Diet, you are forcing your body to use other sources instead of carbohydrates for fuel. Think about it. By limiting the carbohydrates given to your body, you are forcing it to burn other foods first. And because meats, dairy, and eggs don't have carbohydrates in them, your body needs to use stored fats within itself as energy. Therefore there is less likelihood of these foods being stored as fat on the body.

Sugar is the Enemy

According to the Atkins Diet, sugar or carbohydrates are the enemy. So how do you create meals, or, more importantly, the perfect Atkins Diet dessert without using sugar? It's actually not that hard.

As we've said, there is no end to the amount of recipes you can find for meals and desserts on the web. Atkins Diet dessert recipes are actually very popular, and all ARE low in carbohydrates. The secret is to use soy flour instead of wheat flour, and a sugar substitute like Splenda®, instead of real sugar.

Many of these sugar substitutes (especially Splenda®) really do taste much like the real thing. That's mainly because Splenda® uses real sugar in its manufacturing process. Also, Splenda® is a one to one alternative to sugar. In other words, if your recipe calls for a cup of sugar, you use a cup of Splenda®.

Atkins Diet desserts may not taste as incredibly decadent as those made with real sugar and real flour, but they do taste good if they're made correctly.

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