Foods to Eat on the Atkins Diet

Many people have been successful losing weight with the foods to eat on the Atkins Diet. The foods to eat on the Atkins Diet are pretty straight forward. Mostly protein, no carbohydrates. That means that you can have all of the meat, eggs, cheese, fish, and chicken you want. It also means that you can have none of the pasta, bread, crackers, potatoes, or chips you may have become accustomed to throughout your life.

It also means that you will have to severely limit your intake of fruits, and somewhat limit your intake of vegetables. The foods to eat on the Atkins Diet are all low in carbohydrate, and fruits, vegetables and breads, pastas, etc. are not.

The Concept Behind the Atkins Diet

The concept behind the Atkins Diet is fairly simple, and makes sense. Your body burns calories for energy. It automatically burns carbohydrates first. Carbohydrates are basically sugars and are found in wheat products as well as desserts. Foods like pasta, potatoes, chips, and breads are broken down into sugars or carbohydrates. These are what your body uses for energy first. Think about how you sometime feel after eating something very sugary. You sometimes get a “sugar high” from the carbohydrates. Your body has used them and given you a boost of energy.

By eating the foods to eat on the Atkins Diet, you are forcing your body to use other sources than carbohydrates for fuel. Think about it, by limiting the carbohydrates given to your body, you are forcing it to burn other foods first. And because meats, dairy, and eggs don't have carbohydrates in them, your body needs to use stored fats within itself as energy. Therefore there is less likelihood of these foods being stored as fat on the body.

There Are Things to Keep in Mind Though…

Although those relying on those foods to eat on the Atkins Diet do often lose weight quickly, some do find that it's impossible to stick with a certain set of foods on a daily basis. With limited choices, you may easily become bored with your meals, and this boredom could lead to straying. And, straying on the Atkins Diet is a very bad thing.
If you are now eating high fat foods on a regular basis, and you do stray, you will now be feeding your body high fat, plus giving it carbohydrates to burn first. If the body burns those carbs first, the rest of that high fat food your eating will now be stored as fat.

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