General Information Regarding Low Carb Diet and Breast Feeding

When women are on a low carb diet and breast feeding, they may have some concerns as to whether or not the two can go together. The following paragraphs will provide some general information and discuss how people feel about the issue.

Dieting May Be Okay but Low Carb Diet Regimens May Not

The general consensus is that dieting while breastfeeding may be alright although it is best to wait until the baby is at least two months old and preferably six months old prior to dieting. However, it has been noted that partaking in low carb diets to promote weight loss may not be the best thing for the nursing mother and her child. The main reason for foregoing low carb diets is that diets of this kind restrict the types of foods one can take in which ultimately does not provide a well rounded diet for the baby as whatever the mother eats is going straight to the child.

Secondly, when individuals are on low carb diets their portions are being greatly restricted which also does not benefit the health of the mother or the child getting nutrition via breastfeeding. The recommended caloric intake for breastfeeding mothers is 1500-1800 calories. Therefore, in order to meet this guideline it is important that the nursing mother has adequate food portions for every meal.

Low Carb Diet and Breast Feeding Summary

In summation, although obtaining weight loss through normal dieting methods is alright for those nursing mothers whose baby is over two months old, it is best for the mother to forego a low carb diet regimen while breastfeeding her baby. Once the breastfeeding has ended, then the mother may go on a low carb diet should she wish to do so.

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