Advantages and Disadvantages of a Low Fat Diet

Diet plans and regimens come in a variety of forms and one in particular is the low fat diet. A low fat diet is basically what it sounds like, eating foods which are low in fat. When trying to figure out which type of diet might be the best one to go with, it is important to look at the accompanying advantages and disadvantages to being on a particular diet. The following paragraphs will describe some of these advantages and disadvantages that are related to this diets.

Advantages of This Type of Diet

There have been a number of cited advantages to dieting the low fat way. Advantages to using a low fat diet to promote weight loss include no great increases in insulin levels, lowers the caloric intake and helps individuals to stay away from substances that may promote various diseases which can be caused by a high-fat intake. These are all wonderful advantages which may help to persuade an individual to choose a diet of this kind.

Disadvantages of This Particular Diet Plan

As with any item, there will be pros but also cons. The cons related to a low fat diet include the difficulty in limiting calorie intake to only 10% fat content and the fact that this diet may have less of an impact when compared with a low carbohydrate diet. It is important to review the disadvantages and see if the advantages make up for them.

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