Pro and Cons of Low Carb Diet Regimens

Pro and cons of low carb diet methods are readily discussed weight loss topics these days and are of such a nature that they have been gaining increasing attention in the dieting world. As with anything, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages with the use of a particular diet plan. The following paragraphs will discuss such pros and cons and provide a bit more information for those interested in the subject.

The Pros of Low Carb Diets

The primary pro with regard to low carb diets is that following a low carb diet will help the dieter to lose weight. A reduction in weight loss occurs due to three different reasons which are loss of water weight, decreased appetite and reduced calories. The combination of all three of these factors will aid in the individual losing the weight. This is a main reason why individuals go on low carb diets, i.e., weight loss.

Another pro associated with low carb diets is that maintaining a low carb diet will help not only to take the weight off but to keep it off as well. Low carb diets are structured in such a way that individuals can stay on low carb diets for a long time to maintain their current weight loss.

Lastly, low carb diets not only help with weight loss but they help to provide overall health benefits to the dieter also. Low carb diets are formatted so that they will promote healthy eating habits in the individual which may lead to an overall healthier person.

The Cons of Low Carb Diets

There are also a few noted cons to low carb diets. One disadvantage for example is that low carb food products which individuals consume in keeping with their low carb diet can often be high in calories and fat content. These contents can lead to other problems if too much is taken in.

Secondly, low carb diets are constructed in such a way that the dieters need to limit their overall consumption of food. This factor may make individuals more hesitant and less likely to want to choose a low carb diet for losing weight as they will need to have reduced portion sizes.

Lastly, low carb diets which content is made up of higher fat portions may be linked to future heart disease. This long term effect is due to the fact that the more saturated fat an individual takes in, the more likely they are to be at risk for heart disease in the future.

When viewing both the pro and cons of low carb diet regimens, one can decide if a low carb diet is the one for them to choose to promote weight loss.

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