5 Things Individuals Should Know About the Slim Fast Diet Plan

The Slim Fast diet plan is a diet regimen which has been around for over 25 years and many individuals rave about the results which they experience due to being involved with Slim Fast. If one is considering taking part in this diet plan, there are 5 things that should be known with regard to the plan. These items may help individuals to make a firm decision as to whether or not to go with Slim Fast as their diet plan of choice.

One Meal a Day plus Meal Replacement Items

The way that the Slim Fast diet plan works is that individuals on the plan will eat one complete meal a day and for the other two meals they will use meal replacement methods such as shakes, soups or frozen pasta entrees as their two other meals. They will also be allowed to eat two snacks per day. This may seem like it would be a hard thing to accomplish though many people have found this method quite easy to acclimate to.

Length of Diet

The length of this diet is usually for one's lifetime. An individual will use the plan to lose weight; however, they will need to maintain the use of Slim Fast products in order to maintain their current weight loss.

Available Counseling

The diet plan enables individuals to speak with dieticians and Slim Fast counselors over the Internet via live chat methods. Certain members of the Slim Fast staff are also available by way of telephone and email.

Vegetarian Menu Suggestions

The diet plan also contains many menu suggestion items for those Slim Fast dieters who are vegetarians. This enables vegetarians to utilize Slim Fast as well as non-vegetarians.


The cost for using the Slim Fast diet plan is quite reasonable. It costs approximately $90/month for all of the necessary meal replacement products. When viewed in the context of what one is saving on regular food, the expense is not so bad.

If these items relating to the Slim Fast diet plan peak one's interest with regard to losing weight in this manner, then finding out more about this diet plan may be a good idea.

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