Using the Weight Watcher Exercise Point System

The weight watcher exercise point system is one which can be used concomitantly with the Weight Watcher food point system. These two tend to go hand-in-hand when using the overall Weight Watchers point system. The following paragraphs will describe the point system and show how the exercise points fit into that particular weight loss method.

How the Point System Works

The Weight Watchers point system is one which bases intake and outtake of items on a point method. When individuals first become involved with Weight Watchers, the seasoned staff takes note of their current weight and target weight loss amount and will assign them a number which stands for how many points they are allowed to use up on food on a daily basis. With regard to that food, Weight Watchers has compiled a list of a large number of food items and assigned a number of points to each one. Dieters may then eat whatever they choose without going over the given point allowance.

The weight watcher exercise point system comes into play to enable the individual dieter to add points onto that total amount of points which they are allowed each day. This is done by performing different exercises and activities. Each activity and exercise is given a number as well and once the activity is completed, that individual may add it on to what they are allowed to eat each day. For example, if a 30-minute walk is worth 5 points and the total allowance of daily points is 30, the individual may use up 35 points that day if they take a 30-minute walk.

The exercise point system is a wonderful way of getting the dieter to engage in various exercises and activities and that person will then reap the awards of perhaps eating a little bit more that day or even losing some additional weight should they choose to forego the extra snack.

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