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For those wishing to lose weight and have not been able to find a weight loss program that works for them, weight watchers has two plans that gives dieters new options for losing weight. There two plans today are the core plan and the flex plan.

The weight watcher plan known as the Core Plan allows dieters to work through the weight loss program, which classifies types of foods as core foods. This program allows dieters to eat all the core foods they desire until they are satisfied. With this plan, you do not have to worry about the weight of the foods or the calories at all. You can eat until your heart is content. Not only can you enjoy eating all the core foods but also you do not have to worry about tracking the foods you eat as you do with other diet programs.

All the foods are the core list are healthy foods, which include vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fat free dairy, and whole grains. However, if you wish to eat other foods that are not on the core list, you can enjoy these as well but they are assigned point values. You will be allowed 35 points each week to enjoy any foods not on the core list. If you desire to have a few more non-core foods you can earn points by exercising to add to the 35 points you have each week.

The weight watcher plan known as the Flex Plan is very different. Each food item is given a point value, which is decided by its caloric value, fiber, and fat content. with this weight watcher plan, members that choose this diet program are given a certain amount of points per day according to their sex, height, age, current weight, and their physical activity. You are also allowed 35 points per week for extra little treats if you need them, however, using these points will of course not help you lose weight unless you exercise to account for the added calories.

All foods have a point value, so you have a large variety of foods you can enjoy including MacDonald's or other fast foods. All you have to do is ensure you stick to your points per day. This may be the easiest way to lose weight as you can enjoy a large variety of foods while losing weight. You can choose very healthy foods and still throw in a doughnut or two without going over your points for the day.

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