How the Weight Watcher Point Allowance System Works

The weight watcher point allowance system is a wonderful way of using a point system to aid in weight loss. Weight Watchers has developed an easy method whereby individuals can lose weight by staying within a particular point range. The following paragraphs will show how this is so.

Assigned a Point Number

The weight watcher point allowance system begins with the individual being assigned a number by the Weight Watchers staff. Weight Watchers arrives at this number by looking at a variety of factors including the individual's current weight and target weight. The number which the dieter is assigned is what they are allowed to consume with regard to food and beverages on a daily basis.

Figuring Out Food Points

Some may wonder how individuals following this point allowance system are able to figure out what each food type is worth. Weight Watchers easily pacifies the dieter by providing a list of various foods which are assigned points for each one. The company also has a restaurant guide available which enables the dieter to eat out and still know how many points their entrees and menu items are worth. For those who like to eat at home, recipe cards provided by Weight Watchers are a great way to keep track of points and have delicious recipes to prepare as well.

Activity Points to Get That Extra Snack

An additional part of the points system is the activity points listing. This listing compiled by Weight Watchers provides points for various types of activities and exercises. For each activity or exercise performed by the individual each day, the dieter may then add that number of points onto their daily point allowance. This gives the dieter a bit of a reward for going out for that nice jog.

The weight watcher point allowance system is a wonderful and easy way to lose weight.

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