Weight Watcher Point Listing: Two Different Types

The weight watcher point listing is a method used by Weight Watchers to aid in one's weight loss goals. There are two different types of point listing which include food points and activity points. The following paragraphs will highlight what each group consists of and how they help the dieter engaging in the Weight Watchers diet plan system.

Food Points Listing

The food points listing is a weight watcher point listing that gives a point value to different types of food and beverages. When individuals first sign up with Weight Watchers they are assigned a number which stands for how many points they may consume on a daily basis. Weight Watchers then provides a list to the individual which tells them what types of food have what number of points. By having this information on hand, the dieter is readily able to figure out how many points they consume at each meal which is extremely useful to that individual.

Activity Points Listing

With regard to the activity points listing, this list consists of a variety of different activities which have points marked next to them. If an individual on this particular points plan performs a certain activity during the day, they are then able to add that specific amount of points onto their total allowed points number. This acts as a bit of a reward for the individual who has performed that particular activity or exercise.

The weight watcher point listing system is a wonderful way of helping the individual to keep track of how much they may consume on a daily basis and how much of a reward they are entitled to should they perform a specific exercise or activity. Weight Watchers is a company which really tends to take care of all the little details when it comes to promoting weight loss.

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